Input your kinetic data:

Your data look like this:


[Substrate] Velocity
5 10
7 12.7
10 17.2
16 21.9
30 29
50 35
80 40.9
120 45

Your graph title:

Lineweaver - Burk Plot
Hanes Plot
Michaelis - Menten Plot

Click the ENTER button to process your data. Your values should appear in the Data table. If you are satisfied with this view of the data click the PLOT button under options. Also, you can modify the graph title and type of graph. A default example is pasted above. If you wish to plot your data, delete these values and enter your own. Kinbot also now supports non-linear regression of kinetic data
Please help yourself to the Java file. Also Email us any suggestions you may have!

Known Bugs: